Meet Our Team

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Clare Marx

SEM Rush Lead & Digital Marketing

Technically gifted, logical and highly organised Clare works across accounts to deliver content that's crafted to hit digital marketing targets. Give Clare data analytics, keyword analysis, SEO, backlink strategy and she'll smash it out of the park. 

Laurel Walsh

Laurel Walsh

Content Creator & GFX

Laurel has a first-class degree in Journalism and extended certification in Digital Media from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Always keen to make new things and flex her creativity, Laurel brings text and design together on projects for CC1.


Meredyth Grant

Communications Lead & Founder

A journalist at heart, who leapt across to the dark side to embrace the ever evolving world of digital marketing. A passion for data, planning and delivering marketing and sales results that delight.



Aaron Jones

Technical & Multimedia Lead

Video, photography, GFX and creative platforms are all part of Aaron's specialist skill-set. A lover of leads, cables, microphones, tech and the occasional twistie you'll find him in his studio grotto most days.



Adam Stanley

Account Executive

Coming soon!



Lou James

Account Executive

Coming soon!



Hussain Said

Account Executive

Coming soon!



Matt Day

SEO Lead

Coming soon!



Alex Atkinson

GFX Designer

Coming soon!


How we work



Collaboration is key.

Adapt or die. Rage against stasis. Grow. 

Our team is diverse across age, gender, geography, academics, experience and in so many other amazing ways. This gives our team an energy and creative vitality that's contagious. 

We have robust business processes that keep us on track but these are always evolving to take into account best practice recommendations while also leaving us the space we need to adapt and do things better.

You'll never find this team resting on its laurels. We check ourselves, hold our work to the highest standards and work to targets and key deliverables.

We love what we do, and we love working together to deliver outstanding work for our clients.


Scrap the hierachy.

There's no space for an old and bold approach in the CC1 team. We're all life-long learners and irrespective of experience there's always room for development and growth.

You'll find our team building their professional skills in the background, staying on trend and up to date with the latest digital marketing innovations. As a result, you'll often hear about the latest app, integration or buzz way in advance of your closest competitors.



Creative, dependable & straight-talking.

Our skillsets, attitudes and commitment to creating great product, results and customer service are at the heart of our teams' ethos. 

It's not just about having a solid, core team, it's also about empowerment, growth and space for creativity.

That's why Charlie Charlie One invests heavily in: 

  • Partner programmes and integrations with market leading digital tools like SEM Rush and HubSpot.
  • Professional development, up-skilling and training courses.
  • Creative software, tools and licensing.

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