We are CIM qualified to design, plan and implement marketing strategies. Our team of consultants has proven industry sector experience with demonstrable results.

CC1 specialise in digital and social media. Our results are highly targeted, highly measurable and aim to be highly successful. Why? Because our digital strategies leave a perfect DNA trail giving you campaign control and quantifiable ROI.

Our aim is simple: to deliver innovative, cost-effective and successful mobile, online and social marketing campaigns.

Most businesses have digital assets duplicated across various platforms leading to duplication of content, effort and cost. We will help to streamline your processes, managing all of your content in one place, publishing it to any marketing channel without additional work.

Strategic Marketing Services - Planning, Development, Implementation

CC1 will conduct a full marketing audit, assessing the marketing environment and the strategies of your competitors. This will be followed by recommendations of exploitable areas and the development, planning and implimentation of a revised marketing strategy, re-balancing resources to optimise return.

CC1 will help to focus your marketing ideas into a comprehensive plan for the future. Our experience and external perspective will provide objective and honest foundations. Our planning takes into account the following considerations:

Situational analysis
Competitor Analysis
Current plans / activities
Objectives and goals
Messaging and branding
Digital Marketing
Product plans / roadmaps
Growth Strategies

Campaign Management, Exhibition Design & Project Management

Whether you are launching a product, generating leads or planning for a trade show, our experienced team are on hand to alleviate the burden of planning, logistics and execution.

Professional Photography & Videography Services

A bespoke photo-shoot or video production as part of a well planned PR & Marketing campaign can double your PR coverage while improving brand reputation and visibility. Our team of professionals have wide-ranging experience, with backgrounds drawn from national press and broadcast photographers/cameramen to B2B advertising and creative agencies.

All images are copyright owned by our clients which gives you exclusive and unfettered usage across all marketing material.

Graphic Design & Branding

Our main aim is to understand our clients and create design work which addresses their needs within the framework of the brief.

When tackling corporate branding projects, we try and get under the skin of the company we’re working for, giving them a series of options which seek to offer solutions both style-based and reflecting their personality.

We offer a complete service, including concept generation, design evolution, artworking, print management and electronic stationery templates.

Web Marketing, Online & SEO

See Digital and Online services

Printing Services & Promotional Goods

We provide promotional printing services and products personalised with company logos and advertising. Our creative ideas will maintain a competitive edge and support the growth and development of your corporate identity.


Communicating the value of your product or service in a clear and compelling way is one of the biggest business challenges.

CC1’s copywriting services communicate this value in a persuasive and consistent way that speaks to your audience and generates sales.

Sales brochures
White papers and technical notes
Case Studies
Sales presentations and sales team crib notes
Press Releases
Articles and editorial