Dryad Maritime: World's Media Join Us For The Launch Of New Operations Centre

The 16th of February was a great day in the history of the company.  The press attendance was just staggering (thank you all for coming!) but that’s not only why it was great.  The 16th of February marked the operations room and the launch of our custom built Action Information Organisation (AIO) officially becoming fully operational.  This was the culmination of months of work, user testing and striking off the snagging list in the new ops room.  To celebrate this achievement our Marketing and PR department put together a media day which I am pleased to say, was an unprecedented success.


We had television crews attend from around the world including  BBC; ARD; CNN; ITV; Tokyo Broadcasting System; Portsmouth TV and Jack News amongst others.  I am happy to say that I took a back seat in the interview stakes and watched Ian Millen our new Director of Intelligence launch his media profile and Karen Jacques the Chief Operating Officer (an old hand at this kind of thing!) give pretty sound performances.