about us

Quite simply, PR, Marketing and Crisis Communications.

CC1 is a young, dynamic company that brings together professionals with extensive experience from across the media, business and defence industries. 

We are steadily making a name for ourselves by securing international coverage for clients with the type of precise campaigns that deliver a tangible impact upon our client industries and their target markets. We deliver outstanding results, securing and enhancing the reputations and financial performance of our clients'.

Fixed prices and step-by-step reports ensure that our services are clear and quantifiable. We are your advocates who can get your message heard. We are here to help you build the vision of what your company could be - and ensure that it stays there.

our vision

CC1's unique position, integrating experience from across media, business and defence, will ensure our clients stay ahead of the competition and at the forefront of a highly competitive industry through targeted, innovative and creative PR and Marketing strategies.

Our commitment to adding real value will ensure we earn lifetime loyalty by delivering measurable success in terms of profit and profile.

why we exist 

Two key insights led to the establishment of Charlie Charlie One.

The first was an observation, namely, that small to medium sized businesses operating in these fields rarely had the PR & Marketing insight, expertise or budget to compete with their big business counterparts. A small to mid sized business will typically 'double-hat' an employee to write a press release here and there but rarely do they have a well planned and executed PR and Marketing strategy. Few agencies fully understand the maritime and defence sectors leaving them ill equipped to really understand the nuances of the industries.

The second was recognising the inadequacy of companies to really plan and think through the consequences of a crisis. Most small to mid range businesses think it will never happen to them, even big ones (think Costa Concordia) pay crisis communications lip service despite the huge potential for conventional and asymmetric threats which could destroy a company and its investments in hours. This is why CC1 develop robust crisis communication strategies at an affordable price for small to mid range businesses.

who we are . . . 

Charlie Charlie One was founded by Meredyth Joy Grant, the UK's youngest national TV news editor and graduate of City University's prestigious School of Journalism in London.

Her extensive PR and media relations experience has been constructed over ten years working internationally in Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Sri Lanka, France, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. She has fulfilled roles in the national media, business and the UK Armed Forces.