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Public Relations, Marketing and Crisis Communications.

About Us

Quite simply targeted, engaging  & quantifiable communications.


our vision

Getting a message across to your audience doesn’t need to be laborious.

We strip it down and talk to your audience in a simple, honest and engaging way across the platforms they use.

We’re up on the latest digital trends and wholly committed to innovation and continuing professional development.

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why we exist

We’re all strapped for time.

We’re stretched to our limits being a great partner, friend, parent, employee, boss; the list goes on.

Getting a digital communications plan running effectively takes everything from commitment and forethought to reactionary immediacy of action.

Ongoing or adhoc communications support is essential to stay ahead of the competition and place your message where it’s going to be most effective and relevant.



who we are . . .

Charlie Charlie One was founded by former Broadcast Journalist, Digital Marketer and Squared Online alumini member Meredyth Grant in 2011. 

We manage digital communications for a number of companies who’ve transitioned from start-up status to global player in their fields of expertise. 

Our Services .


Relevant, engaging, targeted and quantifiable.


24/7 support and consultancy across all platforms.


The latest digital trends across all multiple platforms.

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