Charlie Charlie One - Public Relations, Marketing and Crisis Communications.

Charlie Charlie One is a PR, marketing & crisis communications agency that specialises in media relations, project management and short or long-term campaigns. We deliver value for money with tangible results on time and on budget. 

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Public Relations

Your dedicated consultancy team are hand-picked experts specific to your industry.

We provide cost effective and quantifiable PR campaigns to deliver outstanding results that positively impact the reputations and financial performance of our clients.

Crisis Communications

With the experience, contacts and knowledge we will help you deliver appropriate responses if, and when required to achieve positive outcomes in the most demanding, pressurised and fast-moving situations.

CC1 will research, compile and implement crisis communication plans for all elements of your business delivering expert damage limitation strategies.


Our team of consultants are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) with proven track records to design, plan and implement marketing strategies to take your business to the next level.

CV Support & Personal Profile Building

CC1 works with Armed Forces leavers to help them translate their military skills into a format and language understandable and applicable to commercial recruiters and HR departments.


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